13 Pictures That Accurately Describe Morning Devotions In Nigerian Homes

1. How your parents come to wake you up in the morning:

kick door
You people should chill, biko.

2. When you open your eyes and it’s still pitch black outside.

Hay God! What time is it?

3. When your whole family is waiting for you to lead opening prayer.

sit wait
Why me na?

4. When your mother decides to lead praise & worship, so you know you will clap tire.

Get ready for at least 10 songs.

5. You, trying your best to not fall asleep.

sit stressed eyes open look
The struggle is real.

6. When your mother starts using what you did during the week to preach.

sit scared sad look
Sub me jeje.

7. Your father, when he hears you and your siblings gisting.

look back
We are sorry, sir.

8. When your parents turn the devotion into a full-blown Sunday service.


9. Your parents, when they catch you dozing off.

look at you
You are now possessed, abi?

10. When the devotion was meant to last 30 minutes and 1 hour has already passed.

kevin tired stressed
Somebody save me.

11. When the person that is meant to lead closing prayer starts off with another song.

look ramsay
How is it doing you?

12. When your mother still prays right after you just lead closing prayers.

look kermit
Ah! You don’t trust my own prayer to reach God?

13. When you think it’s over, then this song restarts it.