​13 Pictures You’ll Relate To If You’ve Bought Anything From A Nigerian Hawker

1. When all the hawkers see the traffic light turn red.

smiles smile
Work has started.

2. Street hawkers, appearing during rush hour traffic like:

They are always ready.

3. When hawkers hear someone shout “EYSSSS!!!”

running away
Fastest legs first.

4. How hawkers run immediately they take off their slippers:

run flash

5. When the hawker chasing your car doesn’t catch you.

E pele oh.

6. When you make small eye contact with them and they just stand by your window.

look boy
I don’t want to buy na.

7. How they look at you when you start bargaining too much:

8. When you call a hawker to help you call another hawker.

looks away

9. When you show a hawker N1000 note.

bye bye bye
Be going, biko.

10. How they look at you when you stare at their product too long without buying:

look woman disgust
Ah! Sorry! I cannot look again?

11. When the hawker just goes to the fattest person’s side of the car and just lingers.

what is
Go away, biko.

12. When you see hawkers selling puppies on the road.

why drake confused
I don’t understand.

13. When the light turns green and the hawker hasn’t given you your change.

Source : Zikoko