17 Struggles You’ll Recognize About Doing The Dishes In A Nigerian Home

1. When you leave small food in the pot so you don’t have to wash it.

No time, abeg.

2. When your mum shouts at you for not doing the dishes, and you go to the sink and see:

Are you kidding me?

3. When your mother uses all the pots in the kitchen to cook one meal.

It’s because you’re not the one washing, abi?

4. Your parents, when you go to sleep with dishes still in the sink:

You people should chill small na.

5. When you’re already standing by the sink with a sponge and your mum says “remember to wash those plates.”

Do you think I want to eat the sponge?

6. When you’re doing the dishes and your mother starts complaining that you’re wasting water.

Should I use my saliva?

7. The STRUGGLE of washing stew out of this:

The absolute worst.

8. You, after washing plates with dried eba stains on them:

The struggle is too real.

9. How the sink looks when you’re not around:

Be waiting for me oh!

10. When your parents make you do the dishes at someone else’s house.

face dissapoint
So, I’m now house-help for rent?

11. When you tell your mother that dish-washing liquid has finished and she just pours water inside.

face baby judge
If you can wash well with diluted morning fresh, you can do anything.

12. When you break a plate while doing the dishes.

It’s all over.

13. When you’re almost done and someone drops another plate in the sink

Are you not wicked?

14. When your mother is doing the dishes and you try to add your own.

stares at the stupidity
Sorry ma.

15. You, acting like you didn’t see that dirty pot on the cooker.

stevie wonder
I’ve tried, abeg.

16. Mother: “Why didn’t you wash the pot?”

soaking it
The ultimate excuse.

17. When you finish and your mother comes to complain that you didn’t dry the sink well.

Hay God!
Source: Zikoko