18 Pictures Only Those Attending FUTA Can Relate To!

1. How Futarians struggle to enter campus shuttle when coming back from lectures in the afternoon from Obanla to Obakekere

2. How 1000 capacity lecture hall looks like during night class towards examination time

3. How most Futarians dubs an assignment

4. How ETF do looks like during 100Level days

5. The look on most Futarians face when you're given a difficult program to run during CSC102 (Qbasic Programming) or CSC202 (Fortran Programming) practical test

6. How Fellow Futarians hails you when you score zero in a test or you did something extraordinary or out of line (Baba Na You Ooo!!!)

7. When you just checked your result and your present CGPA is even worst than the previous one

8. The sitting arrangement at ETF during examination time

9. The look on most Futarians face during that boring lecture

10. The look on most Futarians face during an examination and you make eye contact with your lecturer

11. How the football field at the back of the university auditorium looks on Fridays

12. That moment on Saturdays during 200L second semester when it's time for CSP210

13. When because of the slowness of the campus shuttle you just missed a lecture and you realized you just lost 10 marks

14. When the laptop you're using to type your final year project got snatched from you at south gate

15. The look on your face during the days of GNS101 when you don't even have a phone to type and upload an assignment

16. When you're in mechanical engineering department and a friend in fisheries and aquaculture department is telling you how difficult his department looks like

17. The days of MEE101 in 100L when you've to stay up all night to do an assignment

18. When after 5 years and you're finally going to graduate with your colleagues