Barcelona announce that Neymar's legal battle in Spain has come to an end.

Barcelona have expressed their relief to see the end of Neymar's legal battle in Spain after the Spanish High Court threw out a case that alleged fraud in his transfer from Santos.

Brazilian investment fund DIS claimed they suffered financial damage when Barca allegedly withheld the true value of the player's transfer in 2013, but the high court threw out the case on Friday.

Club spokesman Josep Vives held a news conference with Barcelona director of legal services Roman Gomez Ponti, and described the case as "a chapter that has caused a lot of headaches … but everything is now over.

"This decision, along with the agreement in accordance passed by the Board of Directors, brings the Neymar case to a definitive end."

Vives added: "We knew that following the agreement that this could have a positive effect on the Neymar 2 affair, and that was indeed the case.

"The club needs to clear up all these legal matters so that the fans and members can concentrate on sport."