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Every human, living things, rest and sleep, plants and animals inclusive. People say, sleep is second to death, some others say it is a near death experience. We become lost to the outside world, and a body lying lifelessly still for some hours.  One becomes little aware or completely unaware of the activities going around one. At sleep, we look peaceful and relaxed.

Statistics say we spend nearly one-third of our lives sleeping, which signifies it is important and unavoidable. Who are we to blame? It’s nature acting out. The necessity of sleep cannot therefore be ignored. Its good you know this so as not to cheat yourself or deprive your body of something healthy and good.
Without sleep, we become like zombies. Maybe you can recall experiences of you sleep-walking especially when you were much younger. It wasn’t that a nice experience I believe. When you have to say words whose construction cannot even be understood by even the professor of language. We say things brought from another word-dreamland.

Lack of sleeps may also cause banging of head, making one not just in tune with one’s immediate world. It makes annoyance roaring with everything and for anything. Assimilation seems impossible. A sleepless body’s temperature increases as a boiling water and comes back to normal after rest.
Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which one finds difficulty falling asleep. It might be as a result of alcohol, drugs- sleeping drugs especially, caffeine and other strong drugs. I can’t but mention bulging eyes resulting from sleep which is one of the occurrences one experiencing insomnia will have.

Solutions to one experiencing insomnia and all others who really want to sleep is to do vigorous exercises or/and strenuous work for few minutes. Also, a siesta in the afternoon can be of great help especially for those who want to work at night.
Even as you go for night classes, preparing for examinations, remember sleep is also essential. Take some time to relax and rest off your flaming brain. 


               Written by: Iyiola Taiwo