The SUG, writes to notify the whole FUTA community to disregard the menacing broadcast about different forms of robbery incidence alleged to be taking place at various locations on campus. We implore you not to fidget due to any of such broadcast, as all report of robbery over the past few days have been confirmed to be untrue. It is so unfortunate that some set of miscreant have decided to disturb the peace of the university environment by creating fear in students, causing them to panic with this flying rumour of robbery. (Example of which happened today, it was sent across some whatsapp groups tonight that a robbery attack was taking place at 2 in 1LT, on getting the information some student union officials In conjunction with some FUTA students present, marched out in their numbers towards 2 in 1. On getting there, to their amazement the information was so untrue.)
    On this note, the SUG warns all and sundry; any one who indulges in this unscrupulous act of sending false information via social media or any medium, will be traced, caught and held to ransom. He or she as the case may be, will be held responsible for any post coming from your line. Investigation as started to fish out those working for these criminals on whatsapp
          Futarians, please be calm, the DPO and Area commandant, have promised to rise to our security calls anytime, and all sheriffs on campus are fully alert. Let us all be security conscious and report any strange and unusual movement to the Student union (help us serve you better). Once again we implore all dwellers on and off campus to take adequate security measure all the time, shout for help when situation warrants and be sure to get help as soon as possible. Let us all be at alert.
      Remember if caught spreading false information, you will definitely be held responsible because you have questions to answer

JC Ogunbanke Olakanmi O.
(SSA to the Speaker on legislative matters)


RT. Hon. Ogunsina Alexander