Woman obsessed with pink named the World’s PINKEST Person |Photos

A lot of little girls love pink, but one woman has taken her fondness for the colour to the extreme.

Kitten Kay Sera, 52, who lives in Hollywood, California, claims to have not worn any other colour for the last 35 years, lives in a pink home and even owns a pink dog.

Now, the eccentric actress has been officially named the ‘world’s pinkest person’ by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.
“Wearing anything but pink is impossible for me,” she said.
“Pink has become my life and I have to admit it’s a relief. Who wants the bother of colour co-ordination? For me, pink is empowering.”

Kitten, who calls herself a “pink flamingo in a world of pigeons”, also admits the pinkification of her life has cost “over a million pounds and counting”. She said:
 “It all adds up and people from all over the world are constantly sending me pink items. I am the world’s pinkest person and my life is devoted to that colour. Some people think I am weird but frankly I am fierce and fabulous.”
An average day for Kitten involves getting out of her pink bed, throwing on a pink robe, washing her face with pink soap and feeding her dog, Miss Kisses, treats from a pink bowl.

Kitten showers using only pink products, paints on her pink make-up and dresses in pink clothes.
“I used to only wear soft pink but now I have a selection of pink shades but I draw the line at fuchsia – it’s simply too red for my taste,” she said.
She spends hundreds of thousands of pounds on pink garments, handbags and accessorises.

Kitten dressed in a variety of colours until her late teens when she decided to just wear pink, white and black.
“I liked the combination and thought I’d try it as an experiment,” she said. “By the end of the year I was wearing all pink and loved it. I gave all my other clothes away.