How Speech And Prize Giving Day Was For All The Non-Efikos

 How all the class efikos sit in front during speech and prize giving day:

01 May 2004, Lagos, Nigeria --- Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji relawes on a sofa in a hotel in Lekki. Sitting on Lagos' peninsula, Lekki is becoming the Beverley Hills of Nigeria. All successful Nigerian actresses get a house here. --- Image by © Ludovic Careme/Corbis
Let’s do this.

2. Those unbothered students that only came for free drinks and food:

dont care
Where is the meatpie, biko?

3. You, when just one student is collecting all the gifts for your set:

Who is this one?

4. How the students that get called out for best in Maths and English walk out:

power walk fast

5. All your classmates, when the class olodo’s name gets called:

Say what?

6. How your mother looks at you when it’s almost over and they still haven’t called your name:

Mother- Questioning-face
See your life.

7. When your father comes with all his friends and you haven’t won anything.

Hay God!

8. When your friend that always stabs class with you gets called out and you’re still empty-handed.

wow shock imagine surprise
WOW! So it’s like that?

9. When your mates are getting called out for ‘best in Physics’ and you hear your name for ‘best in Yoruba’.

look boy
To use and do what?

10. When the efikos open their prizes in front of you and you’re just seeing water bottles.

See nonsense.

11. You, when the class oversabi’s name doesn’t get called out.


12. How you leave the speech and prize giving day empty-handed:

sad walk
It can pain.