Meet Lephoi, The Mechanic Whose Ancestors Help Him To Fix Cars

In what will come across as a really surprise story, a man has said he is helped by his ancestors in his work.
Lephoi Mankwe is a 47-year-old car mechanic who is making an unbelievable claim.
Lephoi from Orlando in Soweto, South Africa, has revealed that he is being guided by his ancestors.
According to Daily Sun UK, the man said he is inspired by a calabash which represents his ancestors and the calabash replies him every time.

According to him: “I don’t work on every car that comes to this workshop. I speak to the calabash, my ancestors, first so that I know whether to fix the car or not.”
He said it has made people mistake him for an inyanga (a traditional healer)
“I guess this makes me an inyanga for cars, not human beings,” he joked.
Lephoi started fixing cars in 1996 under the eye of the late Jeff Mandlazi, and they specialised in fixing Beetles.

“My desire to be a mechanic developed while I was still at school. However, due to financial problems, I couldn’t study after matric.”

Instead he worked as a baker for seven years but the working hours were so bad that he decided to pursue his dream to be a mechanic.
Today Lephoi is well known as Mosotho Wa Pitsa, who can fix any car.
Like every business, fixing cars comes with its own challenges. He said he only deals with petrol cars.
“I do not fix diesel cars because I do not have any knowledge of them,” said Lephoi.
Mokete Thulo (22), who is Lephoi’s assistant, is an up and coming apprentice.
“Working with Lephoi has taught me patience as a mechanic as some jobs can take more than a day,” he said.

Phillip Kanta (44) is a happy client who had taken his car to five different mechanics without being helped. “That was until I heard about the mechanic with a calabash. I took my car to him and he fixed it within two days,”said Phillip