Silent cold evenings

Silent cold evenings are;

Those silent nights when you think no one cares

Those nights where you hear only your heart beats and splatter of rain against the windows.

Those  quiet nights where you are alone with your thoughts and you think you are alone in this world.

During those quiet peaceful nights know for sure you are not alone.. But no one to speak to

Those are the times your "YOU "  craves the alone time to communicate with "YOU "
Those times when only YOU matter and  your SPIRIT , MIND and HEART craves for unity and oneness.

Never despise such quiet, peaceful nights.  They are those times you have sincere pour out with YOU, YOUR CREATOR.this alone gives the best PEACE you can ever imagine.

Let's learn to be friends with OURSELVES and our SPIRIT then we draw out strength for the journey which is ahead.

#apiecefrom my heart