Over 200 fans queue in the rain for hours to get Kanye's Pablo merchandise.

Kanye West announced the opening of 21 pop up stores around the world to sell his Pablo range and chaos duly ensued. Fans descended on store locations and not even the heavy queues or inclement weather could break their resolve as they sought to spend their money on Pablo fashion items. To make matters worse, only ten people were allowed into stores at a time further making the long wait even more tiring, for the long suffering fans however, it was worth the wait.

In Sydney, over 50 fashion fans slept outside the store and were joined by 250 more shoppers by the time day broke. The pieces on sale include Yeezy T-shirts and caps branded with the particular city they're available in, selling for around £30 each, as well as jumpers and hoodies which retail for £72 each. Kayne jackets are pricier, going for £230 each.

It has been reported that the stores will be open for three days only, but the details of where and when the clothes will be will only be revealed on 24 hours in advance. Photos below...