Who am I?
I think I have lost track of who I am. Yes, I'm starting to believe so. The girl in the mirror looks nothing like me or maybe she does. Her skin is buried in thick layer of foundation. Her lips has lost its natural color. Her eyes are behind colored plastic. Her hair might be brown, or is black? Oh well currently it's wine. I look like a melted barbie doll, that is I look not cute and plastic or is it rubbery?

Why have I done all this?
I think I did it to attract more people. In other words I did it to look more beautiful. I was frightened that I won't be accepted for who I am, well not like I know who I am anymore.
I wanted to be be accepted by society so along the way I denied who I actually was. I don't believe in peer pressure cause no one forced me to be who I am today. I made myself that way so as to be accepted. Society never said it was by force, they never told me to change who I was, so why did I do it you ask? Well I'm still asking myself the same question in case you didn't notice.

Why didn't they change who they were for me not the other way around? They didn't cause they were proud of who they were or are. Why couldn't I be more like them in the aspect that mattered and not in the trivial ones? Because I was stupid, obviously. Well I refuse to continue being stupid. But I don't know about you, you're free to be stupid. I'm currently trying to be self-modified.