Entrepreneurship is a sure way of making it big especially in the fashion industry, with drives and well programmed strategies in place, one can become very successful. Fashion business is one which requires less capital and more profitable compare to other businesses.  In this technology age, where things are being technologized, one in the fashion biz must also be knowledgeable about how to apply technology in his business.
In a well organised and 21st century based fashion business, not only the dress- makers is seen in place, a technologist who initiates designs who help the company make designs which are contracted to them or to be sold to mills within and outside the company’s location.
They also have their textile line where the architect/designers who initiate different clothing lines, clothing styles and designs for print are also set in place. A fashion company consist of the print-house where fabrics are manufactured with designs originated from the industry.
The fabrics are then transported to the dress-constructors via a technology means of course who then construct the cloth to the style with patterns required by the client or according to the client’s budget. In fact, the dress-maker doesn’t have to do much work other than to control the machines which carry out operations like embroidery, button, zip, belt insertions and all other operations. 

These materials are then transported as already- made clothes within and off shores, selling in wholesales and retails. A good marketing strategy in fashion industry also requires technology. Advertisement, booking, purchase, delivery and all others are done via technologized media.
The male gender dominates this technology world but ladies are encouraged to go into this techy line too. In fact, female gender are known to be naturally initiative, good designers and great multi-taskers too. This indeed are the attributes of one that is technologically inclined. We need female folks to dominate the technology world especially in Nigeria.

                                                                             Written by: Iyiola Taiwo