Job opportunities in Nigeria decline each time an institution produces graduates and send them off to the labour market.  This is the more reason why the entrepreneurship-idea is in vogue and entrepreneurs are on the ride, increasing with time. No one want to stay back home after school doing nothing. It’s no longer news that entrepreneurs are increasing daily both within and outside the country. Everyone wants to be an initiative entrepreneur or a CEO to manage a biz, either way, graduates are no more looking for white-collar jobs but making something out of the blue-collar world.

The dream of an entrepreneur is to be successful as Femi Otedola and make his business glow as that of Aliko Dangote. When one looks through the profile of those at the peak of their career, one will discover that their consistency matters a lot and the statement, ‘time is money’ is very essential and a key rule to them. In the quest to make it to the top, entrepreneurs go through long hours thinking and strategizing with the next day schedule written at the tablet of their heart. They do sleep for few hours only to wake up in what seems like a minute sleep, thereafter goes straight to the shower, have a quick bath and off for 8am appointment with an official who will help them go up some more on the ladder to greatness.

They hardly have time to go shopping for new styles or even dress themselves up. THEY DON’T HAVE THE TIME!  They practically ‘dress down’ because they dedicate their time to work and their ambition. I wouldn’t have bothered about this if some weren’t taken it too far, making it a norm and part of their lifestyle. Entrepreneurs are very calculative, time spent on make-ups, shopping, ironing and scanning through wardrobe for a cloth to wear is like throwing away millions of dollars, to them, time is money and every dollar counts. To solve this, they need an adviser/ dressing consultant, also a personal shopper who already has the image of what the entrepreneur likes or hates, their sizes for all kind of outfit, the kind of occasion they attend per time and outfits best for each instances. 

As an entrepreneur, time will call on you to attend to some cooperate matters and you must have to appear in the corporate culture. Don’t get use to the laisser-faire attitude on dressing up, making up and feeling comfortable in corporate attires. If you are the type that doesn’t like the suit and kit-up dresses, I have the good news that you can even dress casual and still look corporate. You can also be simple, get all heads turning and not be extravagant.

Fashion refers to the manner at which latest style of clothing, hair, decoration or behaviour is made popular. They say the way you dress is the way you will be addressed but few entrepreneurs in Nigeria hardly act as though they acknowledge this statement.  Gotten to know about great people making it in the fashion industry either as a show biz producer, model, runway organisers and co., their job goes beyond only making those styles for you but also involve dressing you up for that show, SO EMPLOY THEM.

To help the busy entrepreneur or career person reading this, I have a gift for you and this it.

It’s a list of cooperate outfits fit for male and female, few dressing tips and colour combinations!
TO START WITH, you must have some basic clothing items available in your wardrobe (applicable to male and female), they include: a white tee-shirts, dark blue jean, wristwatch, sandal, black belt, black shoe, a black handbag.
These are general rules applicable to male and female:
Dress with your belt and shoe or bag and shoe matching.
Your inner or shirt worn under a blazer / suit could also match your shoe instead.
Always wear a patterned on a plain material and never pattern to pattern.
Note that your jean is a ‘wahala’ saver, you can wear it on shirt, top, blazer, top gowns and some others good stuffs. It appears to go on virtually any other outfits.
In choosing the plain material for your flowering material, choose the one that is less dominant among the colours appearing on it.
Wearing clothes of few colours can actually make you look boring and in some way might not tell well on your start-up. In combining colours, it’s good to note two or three colours can be combined together. I do not advice combination of colours more than this except for a flowery or patterned material that cannot be avoided.  Also, one has to put skin type into consideration. For instance, an albino will not do well by putting on a yellow or similar coloured cloth. This is written in plain language for easy assimilation and here we go!
Yellow + white + black
Peach + cream
Brown + chocolate
Wine + brown + gold
Deep green + yellow / deep pink
Brown  + white + mint green
Pink + grey + silver accessories
Purple + coral (close to orange colour) + gold accessories
Orange and black/blue
Blue + pink / red
The nature of your job will determine what you wear per time. As an entrepreneur having a consultancy/ ICT- related firm outfit will be different from one in the agricultural business for instance. Though there is a general rule guiding cases where they have to go for board meeting to submit or defend their proposals.
Business formal style: this is worn mostly by those who meet with executives regularly, very common in conservative industries. Here, colours allowed are neutral colours: grey, black, brown suit. Ties must be worn by men with a plain coloured- collared-button-shirt, shoes and heels are the norm. Female’s hair must be packed together and styled moderately.

Business professional style:  Here, there might be a drift for patterned suit and ties, also, larger and more noticeable earrings are also allowed unlike in business formal style.

Business causal style: coloured attires with or without ties. Pullovers and sweater, polo shirts and more of other casuals that still make you look professional is allowed. Any hair style and grooming with shoes of any colour which must be a close-toes may be worn by females.

Casuals: this allows you to be more creative with your outfits, jeans are sometimes allowed, larger earrings and other jewelleries too are acceptable.