Face of the Week

Name: Ekpenyong Uduak happiness

Level: 300l

Dept: Biochemistry

IG: @Udy_signature
Date of Birth: 27th april

Favorite Color : Pink

Status: In a relationship

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years: In the next 5yrs, graduated and owning a big makeup studio

Your type of guy in three words: A loving guy

Philosophy to life: My personal philosophy, that i have learnt to live my life by is that no matter what goes wrong, I just keep moving and live for good moments.
Best moment : That was wen I gained admission into the University

Worst moment : That was wen repeatedly sat for exams I knew i already passed, but wasn't admitted into the University but kept on trying

What will you like to change : I'd like to change the economy

Advice to Futarians: Futarians should be the best they can be, they should start planning for the future now, have something doing now, they shouldn't wait till they graduate from the University.
Outside school is not smiling o