Culture is a way of life of a group of people—including the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols that they accept generally, without thinking about them and are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next. Religion as an aspect of culture is essential and graciously held by many especially in a country like Nigeria. The interaction between religion, culture and mode of dressing is very facilitating and to many religious organization, clothing is an important symbol of religious identification.

Without asking, we can identify the kind of genres of religion someone belongs to by just looking at the way they dressed. Dress communicates a lot even in the non-verbal way. The three key religion in Nigeria includes Christian, Islam, and the traditionalist, with each aspect having some kind of sub-group as I like to call it.

Sub-group? How? This is what I mean

The Christians have the Anglicans, Catholic, Pentecostals like the Deeper life church, RCCG, CAC and a whole lot more. The Muslims, not left behind have the Shiite, Sunni, Teblik, the traditionalist also have the Ogun worshippers, Osun worshippers, Sango worshippers, amadioha worshippers and worshippers of other deities in accordance to their tribe. All mentioned above have their own unique way of dressing for identification.

A Catholic Nun can be identify by her scapular and veil, a deeper life sister by her long scarf, long skirt and God-bless-you tops, an Alfa by his not-to-the-knee trousers and jalamia, Hijab by the Muslim sisters e.t.c. The Sango worshippers have affinity for red colours as their significance, so also white for an Osun worshippers and all others with their uniqueness.


In religious circle, dress-mode is often referred to as sacred because they believe it either makes one attract God and His blessings or chase Him away, in another way, might initiate sin. The priests make do of signet rings as a sign of authority which are made in various fashionable way, so also the catholic and the Muslims rosary too. Even though they are referred to as sacred, they are also fashionable.

Came across a runway gallery of religious outfit and I'm well convince we can still SLAY in our religious attire. In some catholic countries, they now sell clothes with Maria prints on it. That's their identification and also fashion of course. Making religious symbols as print on cloths and other religious materials can also serve a means of bringing fashion into religion.

Combining colours well and being neat always will speak well of you no matter how religious or spiritual you are. Who says we can't bring fashion into religion ...Oh yes we can! Dress to be appreciated, dress to be unique, dress to cover up and dress to be comfortable. FASHION DEMANDS THIS.

Don't tie that scarf or hijab that doesn't match your clothes/Sunday attire. Don't wear that slippers when you are to wear that fine shoe, your bags should equally fit well with your cloth. Not that torn or old cloth, KEEP IT OFF! No religion does say one should dress like a beggar, that's not humility for a fact and I haven't heard of anywhere in the Holy books where such rules are recorded.

With this in mind, I believe discriminations in religious circle will be at its minimal and it will definitely enhance unity, love and peace.

            Written by: Iyiola Taiwo