Fashion and Sport

Have you ever tried wearing your favourite dinner gown as a female or your body-hug or shirts as male and your protruding tummy will distort the cloth shape?

It’s embarrassing and frustrating right?

Right before I move, I will like to ask you this:

Do you know your body shape and how to dress it?

Knowing your body shape either as a male, a female, a fashionist or as a fashion designer is one of the basic in having that dream style well design and constructed for you. Further to this, keeping your natural body shape is as essential as knowing it. It help you rock your style so well!


You won’t also have to waste time trying all clothes in the shopping mall before you finally go for one you can manage.
I will briefly run through the basic four body shapes for female and the three for males:
The male body shape includes, ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph

Ectomorph: He is Mr skinny guy. He is that one with a small shoulder, flat chest and generally thin. They rarely add more weight.

Mesomorph: he is the Mr Muscle guy. He is athletic, strong, he has muscles and gains more easily. He has a rectangular shaped body and a generally hard body.
Endomorph: Mr soft he is called because of his generally soft and round body. He gains fat and muscle easily. Even though his muscles are not defined, he possesses a stocky build.

The female body shapes includes:
Apple shaped: are women with broader shoulders and bust but a narrower hips.
Spoon/Pear shaped: have their hip measurements way greater than their burst measurements.
Banana shaped: are the straight shaped women having their waist about 9 inches smaller than the hip or burst measurement.
Hour-glass shape: are commonly known as the figure 8. They have their hip and burst almost of equal size with a narrow waist.
     Having known this, how do we kip fit to maintain this shape?

We should also realise our body shape is a direct result of genetics as well as lifestyle. In refining our exercise program, we need to first realise not all body shapes need trimming, some need to add more size and shape, like the spoon-shaped women but basically we want to talk about the trimming parts in this article.
Put on your spring trainers and let’s go the gym!

Your spring trainers/canvas, your sport-wears not skirt or that jean trousers but your sporting pants. Also remember to be fashionable about your outfits while going sporting.
With the availability of home-sized treadmills, there might actually be no need visiting the gym.

Do at least 20 minutes of tread milling work before leaving home two or three times a week. You may also take the evening or weekends cycling in case you miss your morning exercises. In absence of all these, walking to school or distances of about 30 minutes can equally substitute these.

Squatting which works the leg, butt and shoulder, sit-ups and stretching might be of help especially to the apple-shaped women.

Tone-ups work well for the entire body, it adds muscle but reduces fat percentage to the body. It requires no use of machine. It is done by checking your food intake and subjecting yourself to a routine.

The bicycle exercise works well for the abdominals, here, you lie on your back with bent knees and feet on the floor, cup hands lightly over ears. Lift left foot off the floor until knee points toward ceiling, extend the right leg, lifting it slowly off the floor and touch right elbow to the left knee and repeating the process a couple of times. For lagging muscles, press-ups might be of great help.

Yet another exercise foe women is the lower back, here, you lie flat on your stomach with arms and legs extended flat on the floor. Lift both legs and arms few inches off the floor, hold for few seconds, lower and repeat for at least 10 minutes.
Finally, intake of water helps in body metabolism, easy digestion and doesn’t allow fat storage in the body. Makes one ease out well. It is also good to note that working out doesn’t equals starving yourself, eat well and prompt. Stop the late night meals and stop skipping breakfast.

  Written by: Iyiola Taiwo