Child Rape is a crime that must be investigated and that is what is currently going on with the reported case of Dr Adefolaju Adeseke, PHD lecturer at Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State who was arrested on Tuesday with the help of the commissioner of police Akure and some NGO's and is presently still in Detention.

Dr Adefolaju is presently unreachable because he is in Detention but i reached further to the wife asking for an interview and any kind of proof to back up her story and the report filed at the station was presented as proof alongside this interview.....SHOCKING but both girls now have Staphylococus.

Folake also says that the doctor who treated her younger daughter in Ado-Ekiti has been arrested. He was arrested yesterday because he wasn't cooperating and was hiding some information. 
He is still in custody and investigation is still going on. 

1- How come you are accusing your husband of rape?people are saying you set him up.please explain if you caught him red handed or hear say from the kids.

-    Is it possible to accuse a PHD holder and a senior lecturer falsely? It is highly unthinkable. I have been battered, shattered and severely beaten several times over the years but I kept this to myself.
He had a chance to molest the children after we separated and he forcefully kept them to himself for 5months in year 2014 from July to November at Ado-Ekiti. I got to know all this when I noticed discharge on my daughters underwear and pains in their private part while bathing them on 14th April,2016.

My 9 year old daughter confirmed to the police that he started her own molestation in 2014. According to her, it was in 2014 she saw blood on her night dress when she slept in her dads room. But I wasn’t sensitive to have noticed that and my daughter could be really secretive. The last vacation they went for 4 weeks in March till 14th April, 2016, She said she told her dad she had discharge in her private part and all he did was to insert his fingers. 

She was also told by her dad that if she talks she will die.
While my 7 year old daughter confirmed that she was molested when they went on vacation at their dads place in March for 4 weeks and got back 14th April, 2016. She said he always told her elder sister and her to come and sleep with him because he missed them. She also said one day she woke up and saw blood on her night gown and private part, she told her dad and he didn’t say anything but he ended up taking her to a hospital at Ado-Ekiti where she told the doctor she saw blood and she was given some drugs. She also confirmed that the dad gives them beer to drink at night, and she didn't know if he touched her or not. She confirmed too that he said if she talks she will die.

2- How long was it going on?

 According to my kids the older one said its been going on since 2014, and the younger one said it happened when they went to Ado-Ekiti in April, 2016.

3- aside from reporting to the Police,what other actions did you take?
   The CEO’s of Ondo State NGO’s are already at work with the help of a seasoned lawyer that they engaged.

4-People who know him swear he cannot do such.

- They are only trying to cover up for him. He is a very irresponsible man and a pretender. He impregnated our 13 years old maid back then, aborted for her and made her live with us forcefully. He also had 3 children out of wedlock which he did not claim. He is a beast.


DOCTORS REPORT -Both girls have been diagnosed as having STAPHYLOCOCUS

This is a cry for help,so that he does not escape Justice,Please Anyone who knows or has the contact of Dr Joe Okei Odumakin or anyone who can assist so that this case won't be covered should please send mail to or call FOLAKE 08165251562