All The Wahala That Comes With Teaching Your Parents To Use New Technology


 When you ask your parents for a new phone orlaptop, they’re like:

“Be satisfied with what you have!”

2. Then they go and get the exact one you wanted for themselves.

Very what? Very good!

3. And that really isn’t a problem. I mean, it’s their money!

To be honest!

4. The wahala starts when they can’t use the phone.

See yourselves!

5. And start hounding you to teach them how to use it!

Is this my work?

6. It’s fun because you can send them on the most annoying errands and they think it’s part of their “phone training”.

“Please you need to go and balance the phone on a slanted surface so it can charge well.”

7. When you try to explain the hands free option while driving to them, they’re like:

“But I can hold it. LASTMA will not see don’t worry.”

8. When they ask you how to take a selfie, you’re like:

Just press the camera button ah!

9. When they find out about social media…

I am finished oh!

10. …. especially whatsapp broadcasts!

This is truly the end of days!

11. When they are trying to send a text and change their phone settings by mistake,

From where to where please?

12. When after all your teaching they still make you do everything for them.

So what was the point?