Dear mother Nigeria
How long it took for you to conceive
How long you travail in pain in child bearing

To the ones born years ago
Yes, those sickle-celled children
Whom you worked so hard to feed and nurture

How you tried teaching them how to walk aright
To be diligent, zealous and of good citizens
But tuberculosis, malnutrition and small pox killed them all

Dear mother Nigeria took in again
Everyone eager to name the child at birth
Its past 9 months and she is still pregnant!

For how long will I stay pregnant? She wails
For how long will this suffering be? She cries
For how long will people awaits my delivery? She laments

New dawn it is!
The sunshine of a new era
Hope has been restored to her

She prepares her maternity bags daily
She smiles at the sight of her protruded belly
With great expectation, she awaits the day of her delivery.

Mother Nigeria, when will you deliver?
Came the voice of neighbours
Soon, she exclaims!

It’s going to be so soon; she tells everyone who cares to listen
For she knows what she carries is weighty and of value
The destiny of a mighty nation

Dear mother Nigeria
Innovations, revolutions, dreams and pride
Eagerly await your delivery day

              Composed by: Iyiola Taiwo