I took a business course at Planet-Nest School of Technology sometimes ago and one of the topics treated was termed ‘pitching’. It is actually a business term which describes the ability of a business owner to convey the full details of his products to his customers or investors between 20 seconds minimum and 2 minutes maximum.

I find it more interesting because it is applicable within and outside the business world. In fact, in mere conversation, writing, movie trailers, making speeches and in making presentation especially.
Now you wonder like I did how one can pitch for 20 seconds minimum and at 2 minutes maximum! Let’s take for example, a Coca-Cola drink advert consisting of the sound of a fizzing drink being opened and a deep voice which says ‘get satisfy with Coca-Cola drink’. That’s just for an example by the way.

Putting the mentioned example into practice, one realises all that didn’t take more than 3 seconds to 4 seconds and it well defines it as an advert by Coca-Cola Company. This is capable of passing messages across to customers. The sound of the fizzy drinks being opened, can for real make you long for a drink at that moment (might not necessarily be a Coca-Cola product).  Adverts generally influence the psychology state of customers.

Do you want to start a conversation, make a presentation or even your project defence or business proposal as it is, one need to learn the pitching techniques. The female gender is known for talking a lot and explaining things in details which some guys don’t find fascinating.
In order to nail the point been driven at in quite a short while, avoiding boring conversation and making your presence pleasant to your listeners, I believe the pitching technique is very essential. In plain English term, Pitching is summarising a whole bulk of history into a minute quantity of words.

For effective pitching, one needs to fully understand what one want to discuss. You will agree with me that a 10 PowerPoint slides can be extracts from about 50 pages of write-up or even more and still convey all that is written in the bulky write up. Fully understand your business – why you are going into the business, how your business can provide solution to some of the economic problems in the country, your market value, your potential customers et cetera.

For the presenter or project defender, understand your project, your research, your topic and get as many information as you can. This will help your confidence and you will be able to bring out the key-points which are necessary for pitching.

Don’t forget, practice makes perfect. Practice pithing in little talks and write ups. STAY PITCHING!

Eagerly awaiting your questions, opinions and your comments on pitching. They will all be attended to.