WE met at a time where we were not searching
Love found us.
Together we built a wall of friendship around us
No one could destroy it
We developed a town of love from the foundation of friendship

An amazing sight it was
We didn’t only build a town, we developed it into a planet
Yes, the planet called Venus
A place filled with love and beauty
What a cool scene!

We kept our interests, built our ambition, nurtured our dreams together
So safe it was!
We planned making planet Venus better than it is
And be the Adam and Eve on planet Venus
But it all became a shaggy-dog story

Death snatched him away from our Venus home
Death came without announcing himself
It came in such a speed of light, breaking into our wall of friendship
Destroying our home of love
Terminating the mission of rebuilding planet Venus

Alone, depressed, sad and lost
It was just like a dream
The truth dawn on me when I saw his body lowered at 6 feet
Who is there to help me rebuild my wall of true friendship and trust?
Will I ever get an equivalent?
When, where, how should I start all over?

Venus-parrots came visiting
Singing songs of hope
Their coloured feathers communicating good tidings
Whispering everything is gonna be alright
The breeze blows away my sorrow and dries my tears

My best companions I found in nature
Oh how much I love the fur on my Angora rabbit
It keeps my body cool and my mind at rest,
The soil breathes success
The water refreshes me

I refuse to lose hope
My hope is high
My hope is rebuilt
I perceive his replicate is coming
Ridding on a horse towards my abode

I can smell him coming
My face is lightened,
Refreshed and eagerly waiting
So we can start rebuilding planet Venus.