You can never be an adult without being first a kid. Adults are just outdated children. Childhood days are so lovely especially in a country like Nigeria where kids are allowed to freely exercise their creative minds using sands, mud, straws and other available resources. Kids are quite inquisitive and do have the tendency to copy-cat or imitate things they see elders do especially those of their immediate parents and family relations.

For instance, I can recall playing 'dress-up' in my mum’s underwear, going around in it acting just like her and mum would say ‘wait for your time’. I also made do with female visitors' make-up kit and made some cosmetic designs on my face, not conventional make-ups per se, because they didn’t look like one but rather like amateur face lits.
Kids nowadays are hyper-active, they assimilate better and at much faster rate than kids in the early 21st century. They can’t be treated as the kids back then when things were dictated for them and restrictions were placed to prevent them from trying out their seeming amateurish and strange ideas.

There are few parents who encourage the curiosity in their wards, some practically kill it. Nurturing kids' curiosity might be hard work but in all, it encourages them and develops their self-esteem.

Different people have differing perception concerning the subject 'Fashion'. Some adults do go into fashion, fashion modelling and fashion design to make a living, some to be perceived as modernized and trendy, some for their personal good feelings, and of course, to some, it's just to feel among. As it is, children below the national adult age (18 years) now register their presence on social media platforms and are exposed to various trends unlike back then when children were restricted from doing such that could expose them to the wild sides of human civilisation.

In view of this, Children, between toddler and teenage age groups should be encouraged to try out their inspirations and ideas relating to fashion. If encouraged, they can go as far as being fashion designers and going on the runway.
Someone once called ‘children fashion as a small world but big business’.

We now have fat ladies stepping on the runway just like the slim ones who normally does it all through. Why not the children? I strongly believe that encouraging the participation of children will bring about brilliant evolution in the fashion industry, especially in Nigeria.
Not just the celebrity offspring.
Fashion designers can actually use this to their advantage.

Children who nurture fashion within them may tend to disappoint their parents especially when it comes to choosing a career. An average Nigerian parent want to be known as baba/mama doctor, engineer Nna, mama lawyer. Some parents get upset whenever their kids do not choose the exact career that they want them to pursue.

I suggest we have fashion designing and other vocational as part of the main subjects to be taken in schools and also as a discipline in higher institutions. Not all can go on in life as doctor, architect, nurse, engineer, lawyer, accountant and other conventional professional careers.