Distinguish Press men,
Great Futarians,

At this critical period, it is better to speak than to keep quiet as we are at a crossroad between forces who are determined to 'eat our future' on one side of the divide and another force who are resolutely committed to 'safeguarding our future' on the other side of the divide. It is on this note that the entire FUTA students under the authority of the FUTA Students' Union Government - as the custodian of the students' mandate - wishes to address the general public, staffs, well wishers, parents, guardians and the students on the current situation that affects the progress and development of our great citadel of learning - FUTA.

The attention of the FUTA Students' Union has been drawn to the current imbroglio engulfing the various stakeholders of our prestigious institution exacerbated by a frivolous and baseless petition against the Vice Chancellor by some unscrupulous and faceless entities parading themselves as FUTA Staff Unions to the EFCC.

The FUTA Students' Union, after thorough, painstaking and extensive investigation, is categorically stating in unambiguous terms that the petition that is threatening to tear the institution apart is not only baseless, but also a fabrication of lies, devilish propaganda, inhumane and unjust allegations and a well orchestrated act to discredit, tarnish and destroy the hard earned name and reputation of the Vice Chancellor - Prof Adebiyi Gregory Daramola.
The claims of the staff union, that productivity allowances have been approved by the university council in 2012 is totally false. From the archive of the students union, the Governing Council didn’t approve the payment of the allowances but rather reiterated it uses to provide services for the students.

It is on this note that the FUTA Students' Union is stating empathically that the actions and display of FUTA SSANU, NASU and NAAT under a joint body named JAC is totally condemned in its entirety. It is an action against the collective and progressive interest of the development in FUTA.

Currently, the massive developmental projects aesthetically littering the landscape of FUTA is unprecedented in the annals of our institution. Records available to the FUTA Students' Union Government has shown clearly that most of these huge infrastructural projects aimed at improving the academic ambiance of the campus are wholly and/or largely funded under the ingenious IGR scheme accrued to the institution coffers.

At this juncture, it is imperative to state in clear terms that the bane of contention in the blackmailing petition flying around is the fact that the  FUTA Staff Unions (SSANU, NASU and NAAT) are ONLY interested in “Business as usual style of sharing the FUTA Internal Generated Revenue (IGR)” as take home or welfare packages tagged "productivity allowance"!

The only demand of the various FUTA Staff Unions - which is the 'sharing of the FUTA IGR' - is an attempt at short changing the FUTA brand. It is a selfish and callous move aimed solely at short changing the future of FUTA students. It is a well calculated attempt at mortgaging the destinies of FUTA Students - both present and future - by depriving us of a standard academic institution which the current Vice Chancellor – Prof  Biyi Gregory Daramola - is fully committed to.

It must be made clear and noted to the public that our Vice Chancellor is nothing but a focused, dedicated and hardworking man that has, in no small measures, brought tremendous development to FUTA, most especially infrastructure-wise thus advancing academic development through research grants and goodwill enjoyed by the FUTA brand world over.

Furthermore, we are delighted to brief this gentlemen of the press of some of the developmental and students' oriented project that has directly impacted on both the academic and social development of all NIGERIAN students domiciled in the FUTA which includes but not limited to the following:

1. Ongoing construction of a 200-room Female undergraduate hostel.

2. Ongoing construction of a 200-room Male undergraduate hostel.

3. Construction of Postgraduates hostel.

4. Extension of University Library. It is pertinent to state that FUTA now has the largest capacity library in Nigeria with a capacity to accommodate 2500 students at peak periods. 

5. 90% completion water reticulation project for constant water availability on campus.

6. Constant electricity supply with the continued use and maintenance use of the FUTA dedicated line.

7. Annual Renovation of all existing hostels.
8. Construction of a fire station in case of fire outbreak on campus.

9. Construction of more lecture theatres.
10. Establishment of School of Health and Health Technology/accreditation of new departments.

11. Purchase of two new ambulances.

12. Construction of roads which has opened up FUTA for further development.

13. Construction of School of Sciences Building Phase II.

14. Purchase of utility vehicles for easy administrative purpose.

15. Refund of excess Acceptance Fee paid by the then prospective FUTA students who are now financial members of the FUTA Students' Union as 200 level students.

.... among others.

We are equally proud to say that the FUTA academic calender is very stable compared to what is obtainable in other institutions across the country. Some notable Federal and State-owned tertiary institutions are suffering from acute instability and disruption of their academic calender. It is a bright accolade for FUTA to know that some institutions are still running either the first semester or second semester of 2015/2016 academic session while FUTA is about to resume academic activities for the 2016/2017 academic session in less than four weeks!

It is very selfish, painful, disheartening, inhumane, unproductive and illegal for the various FUTA Staff Unions to agitate and request for the payment unlawful and unproductive allowances from the university. It is surprising that academic members of SSANU, NASU and NAAT have metamorphosed to mathematicians whose only authority now is the sharing formula.

It is disgusting and a high degree of insensitivity being exhibited by SSANU, NASU and NAAT to request for the reversal and diversion of the FUTA Internally Generated Revenue to the selfish payment of staff members' allowance ahead of developmental projects.

The FUTA Students' Union will not sit fallow and allow the hard earned money contributed by our hardworking parents and guardians to be used for any other unproductive purpose apart from the development of FUTA which we are currently witnessing in droves on our campus.

Nigerian students are totally not in support of such inhuman request. We see it as evil, barbaric and retrogressive towards FUTA development. It is crystal clear that our money has been judiciously utilized. SSANU, NASU and NAAT should be ashamed of their demands as it doesn't relate with progressiveness.

We urge the various FUTA Staff Union to reflect on the recent media campaign of President Muhammadu Buhari “Change Begins with me” in our daily lives by jettisoning their demand for the 'sharing of the IGR' in favour of more progressive developmental projects.

It is a well known fact that the statutory salaries of the staff had never for once been denied; FUTA staff received their salaries promptly as at when due and also benefits from various staff palliatives.

Enough is enough of the inhuman action by SSANU, NASU and NAAT. It is better advisable for them to rethink and retrace their steps. We urge all FUTA Staff Unions to join hands by supporting the lofty and novel vision of the Vice Chancellor and the University Management towards the development in FUTA.
Let it be clear that the students union in one way or the other are not fighting the Staff union. We have no cause to fight them but rather plead with them and urge them to be considerate and be partner to progress towards FUTA development and academic breakthrough.

Thanks and God bless you