JUST LIKE YESTERDAY, 56 years it is today when Britain gave birth to our dear country Nigeria and their wish for us I believe is to flourish and grow. As a child falls and rises when he tries to walk on his own, so it is with Nigeria today but my hope is brightened, my desires stand sure, I believe the tendons in our feet will soon be strong enough to make us stand, walk and run the race smoothly. 

This is a message to fellow Nigerians:

ARISE O COMPARTRIOT – Arise everyone, old and young, scholars, non-scholars, rulers, followers and all the masses
NIGERIA CALL OBEY – We need to adhere to our country-land calling for help.
TO SERVE OUR FATHER’S LAND – let’s serve with our words, with our intellect, with our abilities, our knowledge, and education
WITH LOVE AND STRENGTH AND FAITH – We ought to love one another, leaving in peace, in honesty because together we stand, divided we fall
THE LABOUR OF OUR HEROES PAST – We can’t just afford to easily forget and neglect what the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Ladoke Akintola, General Nnamdi Azikwe and all other past heroes had done. Should they die for nothing? I don’t agree to that
SHALL NEVER BE IN VAIN – we need to stand upright, to uphold the good deeds the heroes had left behind. It should go from good to best and not the other way around.
TO SERVE WITH HEART AND MIGHT – so how do we go about this? By relating with one another with a renewed Nigerian heart which is seeking for a good change and exercising a might in the light of that. A broom stick is easily broken not a bunch of it.
ONE NATION BOUND IN FREEDOM – We should seek to be free! Free from corruption, unfaithfulness, negligence of rights, fake leadership, failed sector, free of discord, hatred, fear, insecurity
PEACE AND UNITY – This is what we want PEACE AND UNITY, to all, at all, from all, in all.

                                       A KU ODUN OJO OMINIRA
                                     OBI UTO INWERE ONWE HA
                                             M ‘YANCIN KAI