J.K. Simmons Expresses Excitement For Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’ Film

Whiplash star J.K. Simmons was cast as Commissioner Gordon in the DC Comics Extended Universe, just last year. The Oscar winning actor made the jump from Marvel to DC on film, as he famously portrayed Spider-Man character J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi’s original trilogy from 2002-2007. The actor, appears alongside Ben Affleck in this month’s The Accountant, was holding out hope of rejoining the Spider-Man franchise, until Affleck and Zack Snyder came knocking at the door.

In a new interview with Yahoo Movies, the actor sat down and revealed his excitement in reprising the role of Gordon in the untitled Batman film. Of course, Simmons will appear in next year’s Justice League, as the famed commissioner of Gotham. When asked about the film, Simmons stated:

“I’m really excited to be working with Ben and, in the future, to be working with Ben on both sides of the camera. He is such a, you know, not just a great actor, but a moviemaker. And he knows, certainly much more than I do, I mean, we’ve had this conversation. He loves writing and producing and directing and being that, and loves going back forth between that and acting.”

Interestingly, The Accountant was filmed before Simmons was even cast in the iconic role, so the two had no clue they were going to work together again. In an interview with Yahoo Movies the other day, Affleck stated:

“We did [The Accountant] a year and a half ago, but once [Simmons] was cast, I, obviously, had a great relationship with him from this, and I thought it was a great idea,”

If Affleck is on board with Simmons as Gordon, who the hell are we not to be? Personally, I have felt this is one of those perfect castings. But what do you guys think? Are you going to check out The Accountant this weekend?

Justice League hits theatres everywhere on November 17, 2017.