Kinds Of People We All Hated As Kids


 The woman that brings cane from the market for your mother

You always suspected that she must be a witch, how else will a person be selling instruments of sorrow?

2. The lesson teacher

Only comes when you’re playing games or sleeping. He knows when you’re enjoying because that’s the only time he shows.

3. The beggy-beggy uncle

Always comes to ask your parents for money but can never share with you.

4. The aunty that is always looking for husband

The only time she ever comes out of her room or cooks is when one of her men shows up.

5. The aunty that never gives you more than one piece of meat

If there are 50 pieces of meat, you’re getting one, if she had her way you’ll get half.

6. The uncle that always forms accent but has never travelled

Always calling everyone “mehn” and talking about Atlanta like say him papa na 50 Cent.

7. The cousin that always steals your toys

It’s only because of the love you have for his mother that you haven’t slapped his soul into July.

8. The school teacher that always gives you homework.

The type of people that can give you homework to do during your lunch break.