The Azfritec collection from ILYKU WEARS

Something new from Alakiu Habeeb, the creative director of "ILYKU WEARS", a young and upcoming Nigerian fashion label. I've recently produced my capsule collection titled "Azfritek".

"The Azfritec collection is inspired by the trendy Yoruba attire popularly known as 'agbada'. it is fused with the popular Mexican Aztec design to create unique urban-casual  designs that can be worn on both traditional and casual urban wears.

The collection comes in a unisex style and works with outfits of every class be it traditional, casual, or corporate and can also worn alone to fit any look and allowing creativity in expression.

The collection is available in different colours and sizes."

Shoot credits.
Photography @olusijiofimagen
Makeup @cece_snoww
Models @dharmie92 @alhajipablo
Stylist @ilykuhabeeb
Designer @ilykuwears

Warm Regards

Alakiu Habeeb.