The Tunejji Show

Hey! Are you talented?
Do you wish you had a platform to express yourself?
Do you want to be heard?
Do you want the world to appreciate you and what you've got?
You think you have what it takes to take you to the next level?
Congrats yo!
You just found what you've been waiting for
The Tunejji Show is a reality/entertainment TV show that aims at scouting and promoting awesome and exceptional talents in Nigeria and around the world by creating an avenue where by they can showcase their talent(s) to the world. The Tunejji Show was created to provide a platform for you.
The Tunejji Show will run music, dance, drama and comedy auditions throughout the whole year. Music auditions will run every month, this will involve folks talented in vocals and instrument.

To Stay tuned to our updates and audition dates, follow us on our social networks on instagram: @the_tunejjishow, facebook and twitter: @thetunejjishow

Also subscibe to our YouTube channel: The Tunejji Show

Visit our website: for more information

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