MFM members in Lagos cuts off hair of new bride on her wedding day

mfm-bride_hair-cut-off_lagosPhotographer LutosinGBELA shared how his bride’s wedding bun was cut off and her brows rubbed off by church mothers in Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Fagba, Agege, Lagos today.
Here’s what happened –

The craziest just happened here now.. MFM mummies just cut my bride's hair attachment.. (Natural hair), rubbed her eyebrows.. Wao.
What exactly are the rules to get married in MFM?

Come from bathroom?
I am not understanding anymore. 

In as much as I don't know MFM rules, I can only counsel the Bride to just give them 3hrs of her time today.

It's not worth it. 
They even descended on the Hair stylist for grumbling saying she is shackles and needs deliverance. The babe wanted to cause a real scene... 
FYI, that's hair style in contention.

MFM said this is BAD, had the bride cut it off in church.

I don't know the rules but hey common.

Like a friend said here today.. You must be restored to factory settings before getting married in MFM. LWKMD.