Signs You Are Stuck In The Friendzone

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You have that amazing friend, the individual is the best, you both like the same things and can keep up with you on runs and you tell them everything. The person happens to be a great friend you want to have s3x with.

You really can't tell if the person feels the same way. You get signals that he/she wants you, and then later the person gets distant. You've fallen victim to misread signals between the two of you and now you are very confused.

It is argued that men are mostly pushed to the friend zone. Actually, it affects both s3xes/. No one enjoys being in that situation as we learn from Adekunle Gold's song "Friendzone". It just sad when someone you have feelings for, treat you like a sibling and it is literally the worst place to be in.
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Here are 15 signs you are stuck in the friend zone:

1. You do things the boyfriend/ girlfriend should be doing

You notice that you are always doing things that their partner should be doing for them. You are definitely in the friend zone.

2. They don't try to look good for you

If someone like you, he/she will work on their appearance just for you. If you notice that the person you like does not even make an effort to look good for you, you are in the friend zone.

3. You text every time

You text this person all the time and you hardly talk on the phone. If someone like you, the individual will want to hear your voice all the time.

4. You are introduced to everyone as a friend

You are always introduced to everyone as a friend and nothing more; you are definitely in the friend zone.

5. Talks to you about the opposite sex

If they feel comfortable talking to you about the opposite s3x, then there is a problem. If a girl feels comfortable talking to you about other guys then you are in the friend zone. It's also the other way round for men.

6. You don't have the courage to make a move

You have a feeling the person sees you as a friend yet you still don't have the courage to make a move, you most likely will be in the friend zone for a long time.

7. You have a case of blue balls

Now this applies to men, but women can also relate. You have a thing for this girl, and because of that you don't notice other girls or can't hook up with someone else, yet you are in the friend zone. You have a serious case of blue balls.

8. Talks to you about who they are dating and ask for dating advice.

They tell you about who they are dating and also ask for your advice despite knowing you like them, you are in the friend zone oo.

9. No physical or intimate contact

What can I say, you guys are not friends with benefit, no physical or intimate contact is going to happen now?

10. Others ask why you too are not a couple

You guys are so close that people are beginning to ask you why you guys are not a couple yet.

11. They try to set you up with someone and give you dating advice

The individual knows nothing is going to happen between the two of you, so they try to set you up with their friends or people they think will compliment you. I send you message ni.

12. Distance

When they notice you guys are getting pretty close, they distance themselves from you, and you are back to square 1.

13. He/she does not notice little things about you

If you get your hair done, they won't notice till you point it out to them. This hurts very much, I did this for you now

14. You are called a family member

This is just mean, when you start hearing things like, “You are not my friend anymore but a sister/brother" and “You are a sister/brother from another mother". Please, my mother knows how many children she gave birth to.

15. "Why aren't they like you?"

You'll be asking why your partner is not like me, yet you don't want to date me, Abeeg leave me.