Supergirl’: Another Batman Easter Egg

At the beginning of the season two for Supergirl, the famous DC city, Gotham City was referenced in one of the earlier episodes when Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) was visiting National City. With Gotham City officially existing on Kara’s Earth, and supposedly Earth-1 with the other CW heroes, could Batman himself possibly exist in the DC TV Universe?

Well, after tonight’s episode, it seems that the chances are very strong. During a conversation about vigilantes, Kara references her cousin having worked with a brooding vigilante before as she says the following:

“My cousin worked with a vigilante once. Tons of gadgets, lots of demons.

Knowing the World’s Finest, it’s most likely the Caped Crusader that Kara was mentioning, meaning that Batman exists and is active in the DC TV Universe. Whether this means that we will see The Dark Knight on any of The CW shows in the near future remains a mystery. Currently over at FOX, Gotham is exploring Bruce Wayne’s teenage years while also seeing the rise of his many future villains.

Although, now that Superman has been allowed to be on television since Geoff Johns become the co-head of DC Films, maybe we could see Batman on television in the future. Never say never because a year ago, everyone thought it was impossible that the Man of Steel could be on television and look where we are now. At least they can do the references to the iconic detective every once in a while.