This Is For All Of Us That Are Stingy with Food


 So you’ve been thinking about your lunch.

2. In fact that’s what you’ve been looking forward to the whole day.

3. So you settle in for lunch and that’s when the wahala starts!

4. First one colleague asks what you’re eating.

5. Then another one decides to move their seat closer to you and start smiling as if you owe them money.

6. These are the same people that said they weren’t hungry when you asked them oh!

7. Now they are sniffing around your food like starving wolves.

8. One even had the audacity to bring out cutlery and say “abeg let me try some of that stuff”.

9. When you say no they look at you like:

10. And you look at them like:

11. Then they start quoting from Bible and Quran on generosity and kindness.

12. And you are wondering since when it’s by force to share food.

13. Then you finally relent and offer them some food.

14. That’s how one scoops the meat you had been saving for last.

15. And the other one basically finishes the food.

16. Now you are hungry and annoyed!

17. And those ones are now smiling as if what they did is normal!