Prof Wole Soyinka gives way to pressure

Nigerian Literature Nobel Wole Soyinka has been a regular teacher at US universities including Harvard, Cornell and Yale
Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has satisfied his guarantee to get rid of his US green card.He made the exposure on Thursday, December 1, on the sidelines of a training gathering at the University of Johannesburg, AFP reports.

"I have officially done it, I have withdrawn (from the United States). I have done what I said I would do," Soyinka said

"I had a frightfulness of what is to accompany Trump… I discarded the (green) card, and I have moved, and I'm back to where I have dependably been.

"It's valuable from numerous points of view. I wouldn't for one single minute dishearten any Nigerians or anyone from obtaining a green card… yet I have had enough of it," he included.

Soyinka had, in November, guaranteed to tear up the green card if Donald Trump rose triumphant in the US presidential decisions.

"In the event that in the impossible occasion he wins, the main thing he'll do is to state [that] all green-card holders must reapply to return into the US. Indeed, I'm not sitting tight for that. The minute they declare his triumph, I will cut my green card myself and begin pressing up,"he said.

Trump in the long run turned into the president-elect of the US in the wake of overcoming previous Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

The very rich person's triumph drove numerous Nigerians to help Soyinka to remember his guarantee to crush the green card driving the dramatist to depict his commentators as "dangerous animals."

"Give me a chance to end with a Red Card to those pernicious animals, the nattering simpletons of Internet: perhaps Trumpland is not as wretched as the Naijaland you force on our existence from your safe cesspits of namelessness. Backtrack to class. Your issue is numbness, obliviousness of whatever subject you so promptly remark upon. Figure out how to think about your subjects before opening up on issues outside your ability to comprehend," he said.

"At times you make one have a craving for swapping one green for another out of shame for involving an indistinguishable national space from you. On the off chance that it even gets to be distinctly advantageous to present it, I expect to do as such, yet kindly don't come at me with plaints of time imprecision.

"I never examined it with you, nor welcomed you to a private choice whose execution was at that point really taking shape. Try not to attempt to intimidate me. It's an exercise in futility – you should simply inundate yourselves in my precursors. It won't endeavor to manage the thought of a leave time-table as brought about by others," he included.

In the interim, a Nigerian legal advisor, Kayode Ajulo later cautioned that Soyinka could go to jail on the off chance that he devastates his US green card as the demonstration adds up to headstrong pulverization of government property.