-A young soldier was called up to war
At that time, his wife was due to born
 It so pained him to leave
But he told his damsel not to grieve

-For I will return soon into your lovely arms
And I can again rest my head on your sexy thighs
I will sing to you as I do every night
For you alone is my loving charm.

-Less I tarry, please name our child Larry.
And if be a girl, she would be our little Mary
My love, I have to hurry now
For you can hear my commander calling out loud
-We were like thugs at war, for it was a tug of war.
We fought and fought, the battle seems never to stop
I clinched on my trigger, I kept firing my gun
My commander barked an order and we charged forward like a mad dog.

-It was then sudden like a bolt of lightening
A moment of deafening, just the sound of me hitting the ground
A bullet had just passed through my heart
Motionless in the dust, my last thoughts were of my sweetheart.
I kicked the bucket as I finally closed my eyes

-Sandra had a painful child labour
She lost her baby at birth, a bad day to reckon
It so pained her, she wished to die
But then she thought to wait for her lovely mike
She waited years upon years
And the very day the bad news knocked at her door
 So it was, we found her the next morning drowned in her tub.

       Akinwumi oluwaseyi (Dr. Guru)