Education standard: Go back to basics, says UNICEF consultant

UNICEF consultant, Water Sanitation and Hygiene ,WASH, in Isoko South Local Government Area, Delta State, Mr. Patrick Akinola Olupona, has advocated change in value system and attitudinal change on the part of parents and government’s motivation of teachers, as the panacea to the dwindling standard of education in the country.

Speaking at a quiz competition held at Oleh for selected public primary schools in Isoko South Local Government Area, Olupona stressed the need for Nigerians to go back to the basics, saying; “Our value system has to change.

Value for education

Presently, children don’t have value for education because they easily get money. They don’t see education as rewarding because they see those who didn’t go to school making fortunes.

We need to change our value system and ensure that  no matter what, at the end of the initial delay you will be better off. When you have education, you can walk into any office, you can talk and you can do anything”.

He asserted: “Students are not ready to learn anymore as they spend time on movies, internet, pornography and others.

Let us look at the attitude of parents; some parents do not have time for their children because all that they are after is money. They think money can solve all the problems.

“Teachers are also not helping matters. Some teachers do not even go to school while those that eventually go may not even teach. These are some of the factors affecting non-performance of our children in their schools. You have to make sure that your students are studious”.

He advised government to take the welfare of students seriously and ensure “that teachers’ salaries are paid regularly and their conditions of service bettered.”

The quiz competition, which held in four centres in the council area, saw Ejova Primary School, Oleh, emerge winner while Omode Primary School, Irri and Erowha Primary School came out as first and second runners up respectively.

Earlier, Head, Environmental Department, Isoko South Local Government Area, Mr. Collins Enigheno the completion and the WASH programme would have positive impact on the society.