February 14 is just around the corner. Yes, Another Saint Valentine's day is here. I am very sure everyone reading this is aware of what that day stands for, so don't let me bore you with what Google can do for you.
Let me share with you a totally wholesome and fun way you can spend that day. So, get ready to wow your babe for free. Yeah right, FREE wowing!!! All you have to do is turn up at Love Fest 2017 on Feb 14 at T.I Francis Hall right in the heart of the sprawling campus of the Federal University of Technology, Akure.
Surprisingly, going down memory lane, this event started about seven years ago with a meager number of attendees. Looking at what it is now, I would say it has only been a story of continued excellence. Today, LoveFest has been rated as the Largest Valentine's day event in the whole of Ondo state.

The theme of this year's edition is "Na wa o, When love blind". This year's edition will feature the popular fast rising gospel artiste Femi Flame, of the "Agbanilagbatan" fame, Dr. Thomas Wilson-Ikubese a hard talking, I mean holds barred talking medical professional and CMD of Sckye Hospital whom will there to dish out nuggets of wisdom. Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Banji and Keji Oladipo are the host of the event.

Wholesome fun, educative, entertaining, impacting and refreshing are few of the ways that people have described the program in the past. You don't want to miss this years edition. Come along with babe and family. Even Coca-Cola will be on ground to refresh everyone as they top the list of sponsors/partners.
Music, Talk, dance, fun, name it. I hope someone will remember to thank me later.
Pictures from last year #LDFLovefest2016

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