The heat between us spurred up as our lips came close. I was unsure of the situation; whether to pull back or push forward, whether she felt the same or didn’t. With the warmth from her body on mine, she was all too irresistible; I couldn’t coward out of this, not this. It was the perfect moment for a kiss, but this scene was so surreal. The power outage left the room in utter darkness, yet we could still see each other feel the hormonal rush. Thoughts of the previous week’s adventures played through my head, I didn’t ask for this, but here I was, with the lady admired by all. I could break a few oaths once in a while, right? But it was only a week ago I promised to stay away from ‘the girls’. I staved off the thoughts of butting out as I kissed her lips. Now there was no going back.

It was supposed to be a beautiful Sunday, but the callous weather hung its ambiance within the gloom of the day. The rainy season had just begun, yet without patience the clouds didn’t hesitate to show off its distinguishing features as the darkness that filled the sky gave no hope of an impending sunshine. It was my first time in this sanctuary, and like every first time, I make sure I go back home unnoticed.
This was where I met her; the church.
I took a seat at the far end of the church beside a kid who I later knew as Aaron. He didn’t really talk much. Even when I told him I sat back because I didn’t like being noticed, he only made an expression like ‘good luck with that’.
—Such a weird kid.

We were thirty minutes into the sermon, but I was lost in another world as my thoughts swayed towards who the girl in the black dress might be. She wore a yellow scarf that shielded her face from my viewpoint so I couldn’t get a good look of her visage. But I took note of something; her sleek figure, which made her every curve implausible. Like a dream come true, she looked at me. But it was not just her, everyone! Now the preacher was right in front of me. With his hands pointed towards me, I jumped out of my fantasy like a cat drawn out of water. Not knowing if I was being asked a question or just being used as an example, I only stared.
        “…you look at this young man once, then twice? You fall. That’s how sin is…” he mumbled these stray words with a stern look.

       ”You still don’t like being noticed, right?” Aaron said in between a giggle as the preacher walked past us.
It was truly inevitable; the thought of leaving unnoticed. I was clearly the hottest guy in church that Sunday, and to top it all, I was new. Everybody likes the new guy, right?
Well this story isn’t about me, it’s about Miss Black. You must think the previous lady I described fits the character Miss Black; nope she’s far from it. This is Miss Black;
She stepped into the church gracefully with dignity rested upon her shoulders. It was like the whole congregation took a peek break the moment she walked in. In style, she flaunted her petite figure. Indeed, she was a raving beauty, well, to many, not to me. Because where I come from, she is just like every other lady, nothing over the bar. She wore this black dress which blended smoothly with her ebony skin. Candidly, she had lot of guts wearing a black dress as a black woman, it was cool anyway. Still my critic sense screamed out the awkwardness of her color choice, but it didn’t matter, she stunned many. She even got to be introduced.

 By Damilare Stark