Miss BLACK Episodes 2

The voice of the choir lifted the spirit of many as we moved into the second section of the service. It seemed the church was celebrating someone for something yet known to me, but it was sure going to be fun. In a jiffy, every seat got filled up as people trooped into the church non-stop. This didn’t surprise me at all, because in Lagos, when you call fifty for a party make arrangements for two-of a- hundred. They’re called gate crashers. 

Even with the chaos, I could still see Miss Black from where I was seated. Not like I felt comfortable staring at her, but there was something different about her. Yes, the most beautiful creature in the room, yet I felt something more about her. 
Hey! Don’t get things twisted; I never said I liked her.

My definition of fun can be weird. I’m really not into the dancing or game aspect of whatsoever that comes in a party. I just prefer being alone with a drink to pass. Too bad, the party was reserved;
considering it was in a church, which made it more boring

With the congregation looking all happy, I felt like I was being cheated of regular fun, so I strolled out of the church to ease the pains of boredom.  The cold wind brushed my cheeks as I walked down the rusty path. Evidently, there was a war somewhere between the sun and the rain, because even as the strong wind blew, not even a drop of rain hit the ground. It was an amazing sight; seeing even the bigger trees bend to the sway of the wind. I took a turn at the end of the road so I could avoid the pack of preachers coming my way only to be hit by a heap of sand carried by the gusty wind. The impact left me struggling with the left over particles of dust in my eyes. I was literally blind, unaware of what was happening around me. I staggered like a wounded beast seeking for refuge till something brought me to a halt, actually someone. Like a miracle, I could see once again, though it was all blurry for a moment, but I was quite sure of who was standing right in front of me; Miss Black.    
 “I am very sorry, I didn’t see you coming, just a while back there— the sand— my eyes.” I tried to explain the scene in a gasp

She only smiled at me as I stumbled on my own words. I was dazed. I expected a poise insult from the lady, but here she was smiling at my stupidity

”Bottom line, am sorry.” I said in defeat
“It’s no problem” she replied, almost immediately. “I see you also trying to escape the doldrums oozing out of that place; saw the look on your face back in the party. You sure hate parties—”

If she was talking, I wasn’t listening. Blown away by her aura, I just realized this was the closest I had being with Miss Black. Every part of her well detailed face, her figured body, was right before me; closer than ever. With the way are lusty lips moved at the pronunciation of each word, the sways she made with her hand; flaunting her well treated nails. Her smiles; brought the world in slow motion, she could light up a park with them. I could have sworn I saw the stars through her eyes. She was simply stunning; I guess I was wrong all along about her. Like a child she tried to fluster me with humor but failed, though her expression for disgust made me laugh; still she didn’t seem good in mimicry.
“—see you around later”

By Damilare Stark