Nokia 3310 Comes back as an Android phone

When the GSM market was launched in Nigeria about fifteen years ago, Nokia 3310 was one of the first brands to make a debut alongside many others like the Sagem, Trium and the Motorola.
Of all the aforementioned brands, Nokia 3310 was the most popular and also the most expensive selling for about 50thousand Naira as far back as 2001, only the rich could really afford it then with the high cost of sim cards.

With time, the brand gradually faded into the background as more sophisticated brands took over,  with cameras and internet features.
Today however, Nokia is set to make a comeback with the one and only 3310 just that this time, it’s not the 3310 we were used to.

This new Nokia 3310 comes with all the features of an Android but with the outlook of the old Nokia 3310!
No doubt, if it’s only to hold this legendary brand again, many would grab this phone as soon as it makes its appearance.