Stuff That Will Only Make Sense To People That Don’t Watch Big Brother Naija

 You, when Big Brother Highlights comes on.

2. How you look at Big Brother fans.

3. Big Brother fans, when you tell them you don’t watch the show.

4. When TBossNation and EfeNation start fighting on Twitter.

5. You, when people start tweeting about the eviction show on your timeline.

6. You, when people mention EbaNation

7. You, when you heard Kemen got disqualified for sexual assault.

8. When someone asks you to vote for their favourite contestant with your own credit.

9. When they ask you to download WeChat so you can vote for their favorite contestant.

10. When Big Brother fans start crying when their fave gets evicted.

11. You, waiting for the show to end so you can finally hear word.