Pictures That Perfectly Describe Your Love-Hate Relationship With WhatsApp Groups


 WhatsApp groups: You can love them or hate them, but you can never completely live without them.

Whether it’s a WhatsApp group for members of your family, class or work, this one slice of social media bread will be found on every user’s plate.

2. At first, it can be annoying when you’re added to yet another WhatsApp group.

Like, seriously, before WhatsApp how did we even communicate?

3. So you just jejely do ghost-mode and become a participant-observer.

4. And then somebody on the group mentions you in the chat to ask why you don’t contribute.

Ehen? And so? Woz your own?

5. But when gist starts to fly around it can be interesting sha.

6. Although even with the interesting gist, when those broadcast messages start to enter it’s like you should kill somebody.

7. You will hear “PING” and rush to your phone only to find that it is a BC.

8. As angry as you are with other people’s BC, this is you when it is time to send your own:

Please, epp me. I just need you to click the link and vote let me win something for once.

9. When you find 100+ unread messages on the group chat:

Who is going to read all those messages? Not me!

10. Then your data is about to finish and someone will now send a 50mb video:

It’s like something is wrong with you.

11. And it can pain when you don’t have data and gist is flying around the group but you can’t chat.

12. But with your family WhatsApp group, you’re happy because it is an easy way to keep in touch with everyone.

13. But then you quickly realise that it’s really just a platform for your parents to monitor your life.