Tekno reveals the real meaning of cassava

Nigeria Artist Augustine Miles Kelechi known as Tekno has finally revealed the true meaning of ‘cassava’ as portrayed in one of his songs PANA.
The songwriter, dancer and music producer was first signed in by K-Money Entertainment with the release of his first single ”Holiday” featuring Davido but recently was signed in by Tripple MG Label.
The song Pana was massively accepted by his fans and the public but it also got them talking, urging him to give them a brief description of the word ‘Cassava’.
Many see the word from other perspective, while others just dance to the rhythm of the song.
According to the popular artist, ”Pana” means nothing to him though some persons say it is a Spanish Slangs for the word ”Friend”, he went further to compare ”Cassava” to how sweet his love is for the fictional identity ”Baby”, analyzing the uses of cassava, which could be used as fufu (in his word) or ”Garri” and we all know what happens when we eat ”Fufu” and ”Java” is just nothing but a slang for feelings.