8 Things that happen in FUTA's second semester that you should be ready for

1. 100 level will leave their entire life with MEE coats

100 level are seen everywhere with their MEE coats. 

2. 300 level students go for PMT

300 Level students loose their entire weekend for the rest of the semester to PMT. Everyone has to learn a skill. Good!

3. It is time for CSP210

200 level students are seen with their farm instruments and also those carrying the course. CSP is one course you don't want to do more than once. Start farming!

4. 500 Level Students face their Project

This is the final lap for most 500 level students and they try to give it their best, covering lost grounds as the case maybe.

5. 400 level student set off for IT

This is a period every undergrad looks up to. Some go and never come back the same way while never go at all.

6. PDS have seen their Jamb result

The boys will be differentiated from the men. While some won't make cut-off because they were gallivanting around when others were reading, only few will be chosen. 

7. 100 level will see their first semester result

Some will go into prayer when the rumours for results been released start spreading. The moment you see your results, you will be humbled immediately. LMAO

8. People get sick due to the rains

So, take the easier route this semester by planning your work, and you’ll avoid one of the most stressful aspects of schooling, falling behind in school. Whatever your situation is, now is the time to get off to a good start and chase those straight A's. Which one scares you the most? Share