Ant Men are all over the FUTA Students' Union Building at Night

The importance and graph of the FUTASU building have not been stable in years, but after the current renovation, activities in the building as intensified. The current FUTASU comrades have made conscious efforts in making sure the building is preserved, but this has had a few setbacks. A few bad heads have exploited the fact that people read and charge their phones and other electrical appliances in the building at night. They have allowed the demon in them to lead them into stealing and breaking law and order.

In a recent communique released by the Office of the Welfare Director, the welfare director has of Sunday sought the approval of the Student Representative Council to put the Federal University of Technology, Akure's Students' Union Building under locks during the hours of 12 am to 5 am everyday.

This was contained in a letter of approval forwarded to the SRC who later approved it after deliberations. In the letter, the Welfare Director also stated that this is a means to curb the debacle and series of robbery cases in the building as he said the building has become a beehive for thieves and not safe anymore.

Similarly, the letter sought to approve 0812003343 as the official FUTASU emergency helpline' which should be called when issues arise and need the attention of the Union.

Where are these thieves coming from?

The way this is painted seems these so-called thieves are outsiders and don't live among us. But that is not the case as so many people have fallen victims to this dastardly acts. The question arises where are these people from? Are they students like us? Should we watch our backs at all times? However, the stance of the welfare director can be commended but this would only allow these hoodlums shift base. What we can do is to intensify the Security on Campus all over. This will go a long way and we can now rest in peace.  

What are your thoughts on Futa's security both on-campus and off-campus? Share your experiences, so that others can learn from them.