Finally, the FUTASU budget is presented

Everywhere in the world, the student governing body continuously provide a budget for their administration on time for approval and this is the same of our own President. The President of the Federal University of Technology, Akure's Students' Union Government, Comr. Olaseinde Olayinka on Sunday, 18th June, 2017 tendered the 2017/2018 parliamentary session's budget to the Union's Student Representative Council.

The budget which was prepared by the Union's Financial Secretary failed to contain the budget of the office of Director of Sports who was reportedly absent from school. However, the President assured the house that it would be rectified within 48 hours. The Director of sports will submit his budget.

FUTASRC have accepted the budget and was immediately handed over to the Committee on Budgetary and Finance to look into it and make recommendations in the next business meeting.

I am sure you are wondering, what is my business?

You can decide that this is none of your business, but the actions taken will greatly affect you. The funds we are talking about are funds gotten from students at the beginning of the semester. We all ought to know how these monies are spent and what they are spent on accordingly. This is why our politicians out there can do away with anything because most are forming "unlooking" and rather prefer to complain, and do nothing about it. Let's cultivate the habit of pushing our established entities toward accountability. If everyone is concerned, they will sit tight.

As at the time of this article we are yet to get full details as to the content of the budget. We would keep you updated as proceedings unfold.