If You Hated Chemistry In Secondary School, This Is For You

1. Depression consumed you whenever it was time for Chemistry class.

*sad sigh*

2. This was you constantly wondering why you didn't just go to Art or Commercial class.

Who sent me message sha?

3. This is how you looked in every Chemistry class.

Because you didn't understand a damn anything.

4. This was you whenever the chemistry teacher called you out to balance an equation on the board in front of the whole class.

Hay God!

5. This was you when organic chemistry started and it was even more confusing than the normal chemistry.


6. This was you when you smelled ammonia for the first time

Because nobody told you not to inhale deeply.

7. You loved practical classes because it was fun to mix stuff but you hated them because you had to write down all the reactions.

What kind of stress is this?

8. Also, you still don't know how to properly spell "effervescent".

Don't worry. We had to google it to write it just now. You're not alone.

9. That annoying/terrifying moment you accidentally swallow base in your attempt to measure it in the pipette.

*coughs violently for 30 mins* *vomits* *passes out*

10. This is you when you break an apparatus in the lab.

Because you know the policy is "break and pay".

11. This was you attempting to read the Ababio chemistry textbook.

What is all this??

12. This was you during every chemistry exam looking for who to copy from.

Brethren! HELP ME!!!