Off-Campus might not be the best for a fresher

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As a fresher, you might be thinking of settling down or looking for a place to say. You might be opting for an accommodation off campus, but this may not be the best move as a fresher and here are vital reasons why.

·         Electricity
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As a fresher, you need constant electricity to read your books and stay up to date on the vital information that will be passed across to you through your phone. Your phone needs to be on 24/7 to get information about the latest classes and assignments that would be passed across. You can’t get the best out of electricity if you plan to stay off campus and I must tell you that, reading will not be easy except you like reading with lamps, I know you don’t, right?

·         Accommodation
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Accommodation off campus is very expensive to afford and I must tell you, it is not a good option when it comes to price. Hostels on campus are cheaper and easier to afford.

·         Proximity to school
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It won’t be easy meeting up with school especially of you have a lecturer that always fixes his classes by 8 in the morning. Meeting up with classes off campus will be very difficult for you as a fresher and you need to be in classes. Also, you will spend more in terms of transportation. This is not the case with students living on campus.

As a fresher, living off campus has lots of distractions attached to it, right now, you need to be around the school area to be informed and not to be carried away by the side attractions off campus. Right in the hostel, you will see lots of gurus who will inspire you to read every day unlike when you are off campus. You need a place to give a good start as a new student and the only way to lay a good foundation is not to stay off campus.
Lawrence Damilola