Staying sane during your final semester in FUTA

Let's be honest, Futa is tough and rough. Most of us are juggling around 10 courses, working crazy hours to make ends meet, and just trying to get by in life and not loose sight of our environment. It's easy to get caught up in the craziness and forget to take a second to just let yourself breathe. This happens when you begin to think what the future holds for you. Would I get a job? Will I get by in Life? Do I want to do my masters? What value is NYSC going to add to my life? Most importantly, what grades will I finish with?

So you are at that point where you are confused and looking at what this final semester holds for you. These few simple steps can help keep your mind sharp and straight for this hectic semester.The end of the semester is fast approaching which means final papers, projects, defence due dates and exam days are creeping closer and closer. But their creeping and looming is doing nothing for your anxiety levels, which are on their way to being sky high, if they aren’t already. Never fear, I would hate to leave you to your demons during the most stressful part of the semester. Here are some tips to follow;

Get Organized

I can’t emphasis how helpful getting organized is. No matter how good you think your memory is, the honest truth is you WILL forget something. A pen and a paper will help you in remembering things fast and more effectively. You can also use your computer as well especially with Google tools like Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Keep. I have had stories of people losing their final year projects due to laptop crashes. This sets them off on another level reducing their focus level and efficiency in the final lap. Lay out your assignments again in the order that they’re due and as you accomplish them, erase or cross them out. Seeing a physical representation of your workload diminishing will bring calm and satisfaction.

Accomplish milestones daily

Since you have figured out how to be organized, the next step is to figure out what you’re going to tackle first. Do you have an assignment due in a week? A paper to write or a test to study for? Block time for each assignment or task every day until the due date or exam time. Not only will you retain the material better, but you will not feel as drained why working. Find a way to be excellent each day by accomplishing tasks in the order of importance. Do not procrastinate or follow your coursemates to delay on important tasks.This will help you a lot and position you for whatever is ahead of you properly.

Take care of yourself

This is the most important thing to do, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Stay hydrated, eat real meals and sleep! No matter how many cups of Nescafe you drink, nothing will recharge your brain like a balanced meal and a good night’s sleep. Staying organized and spacing out your work load will help you do this, and you’ll be glad you did. You’ll feel less guilty about going to the Cinema or partying with friends. Your health is a major priority to your success this final semester, you don't want to joke with that.

Stay Positive

Don't lose your head over anything this semester. If you can keep the other three tips in mind, and keep a moderately positive attitude, you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish. Maybe find a motivation, a price for well deserved victory to celebrate the joy that the finish line will bring you. If you are not inhibiting a positive energy, it would affect the way you think and act. You will have more frustration than you can handle. Keep it positive no matter the case!

Are you having issues with these tips, share your thoughts. I would be happy to discuss with you.

Photo Credit: Omoakinwamide Images